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Warning to all who are thinking about using Best Price & Storage for you movings needs don't if you value you things and time. The day of my scheduled pick-up was suppose to be in the morning from 8am-4pm. The movers showed up at about 5pm. Contacted dispatch about the time and there explanation was we did not have anyone available for the morning. This was suppose to have been scheduled a month and a half ago.

My second issue with this company was they picked up my furniture on the Oct 28 and they did not schedule a truck for delivery until my first delivery date which was Nov 2. So the 4 days in between was wasted and never counted. So I contacted BPS dispatch (Claudia) and asked why my stuff was still sitting in Chicago and not scheduled for delivery, she informed my the delivery does not get scheduled until the first available delivery date. I was not happy with the process so I explained how that was BS and there process ***!

My third issue with this company is with the delivery of my furniture. My mattress and box springs were damaged and they looked like they had been dragged on the ground. My mattress was soaking wet on one side and discolored. My couch and bed frame have tape marks on them. I had a quick shade tent that is missing. The movers didn't set-up my beds properly, so I had to redo the work they were suppose to do.

My last issue with this company is the customer service. You ask to talk to a manager or a specific person and the transfer your call to everyone except the person you are trying to get a hold of. Sent my sales rep (Casey)several emails and left several voicemails to find out what was going on and I got nothing. The dispatcher (Claudia) is very rude and doesn't have a clue about what she is doing. You ask her for estimated time of arrival or what is the driver location she can't give you any clear answer.

You would be better off renting your own truck and moving your own stuff.

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I had the same problem where I could never get a hold of anyone. They also overcharged us by 50% (thank goodness we got a re-weigh).

The worst of it is that I had some things stolen, including a lot of paperwork that was used to steal my identity. It has been over a year now and I have spent a lot of time, money and energy trying to dispute things made by the thief that must have worked for Best Price.


I unfortunately used this company also and they were impossible to get a hold of once they had my stuff, they lost things, they broke things. I never got paid back. Never use them they're terrible.

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